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Sic Heating Element Accessories

The Sic heating element conductive connection should be selected from aluminum material.


Aluminum is better than copper in terms of oxidation resistance. The connecting belt mainly uses two kinds of connecting belts: aluminum braided belt and aluminum foil belt.

Aluminum foil belt finished product style- – -according to the different sic heating element load current, mainly divided into multi-space, multi-layer differences.

Aluminum braided belt —- according to the load of SIC heating element and the design requirements of kiln, there are many kinds of aluminum braided belt. Compared with aluminum foil belt, aluminum braided belt has the characteristics of good heat dissipation.

sic heating element connection belt because of different layout, sometimes need to be lengthened and thickened customized, aluminum foil connection belt can be made as multiple layers Parallel connection using holes 4-22 mm.Aluminum foil strip width points: 20- -40 mm. Thick: 0.2 mm

Aluminum braid bandwidth: 15mm — 35mm。


Introduction of Sic heating element supporting conductive connection tape / connection clip:

Material: high-quality stainless steel-spring steel
 Model: M-type clip,G-type clip,C- type clip。

Internal meridian: 9mm-60m

Specifications: 9mm-60mm

Model: Butterfly type clip, G type clip ,C type clip。

Long and width: length and width can process customized products。

Temperature resistance: about 400 ℃ Celsius

Plating layer: surface variable antioxidant nickel plating layer         Aluminum strip: aluminum wire preparation strip single double layer; aluminum foil multilayer

Adaptation: fit sic heating element with different diameters.

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