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MoSi2 Heating Element Accessories

MoSi2 heating elements connecting belt shall be used for the connection between MoSi2 heating elements and power supply.act as an electrification.


MoSi2 Heating Elements’s standard accessories include element retaining clips and two aluminum woven connection strips with clips.The MoSi2 Heating Elements connection belt is generally used to jam the cold ends of 6mm, 12mm, 18mm and 24mm diameter.

The weight of the whole element is borne by the fixed clip, and the position of the element is determined by it.Therefore, it must be carefully installed to ensure that the components are hung vertically.To avoid partial overheating, the conical part of the lower end of the element must be extended into the furnace.The connecting wire with contact elements uses aluminum textile strip or multilayer aluminum foil.The outside clip only clamps, not used to conduct electricity.The end of the wire is connected to the bus bar.To avoid stress transmission to the element, the wire length shall be slightly greater than the linear distance between the element and the bus.Installation method When installing the element, the screw on the gripper should not twist too tight at a time, and tighten again when the element rises to high temperature, because then the element has a certain plasticity and is not easy to break.The temperature of the clip part is generally not higher than 200 degrees.Therefore, the contact voltage between the clamp wire and the element shall be less than 0.1V.To avoid amplitude heat transfer to the clip, the distance between the lower end of the clip and above the upper brick shall not be less than 50mm.


Introduction to MoSi2 heating elements supporting conductive connecting belt connecting / connecting clamp:

  • Material: high quality stainless steel – spring steel
    Model:3/6mm 4/9mm 5/10mm 6/12mm 9/18mm 12/24mm
  • Specifications: 3mm~24mm
  • Model: double head belt, single head belt
  • Length: Length can be processed for customized products
  • Plating layer: surface variable antioxidant nickel plating layer
  • Aluminum strip: aluminum wire preparation strip single double layer; aluminum foil multilayer
  • Adapter: fit for MoSi2 heating elements of different diameters

The connection band length can be customized as required


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